Pain Management
Drug free pain relief for sporting injuries and general chronic complaints.
Interview with Peter Wall  Newcastle Herald Saturday June 5, 2004

Q: How did you stumble upon the Bowen Technique?

A: Some years ago I was playing piano on a cruise ship in the middle of a cyclone and I pulled a muscle in my shoulder. I was unable to play. Then I received a message from the captain to say there was a woman on board who had fixed his shoulder. She came to my cabin, where I was laid up in extreme pain, and she did three little moves on my back then told me to get out of bed. I went straight up and played the piano. It was like magic, and I remember saying to this lady that I'd have to learn how to do this. I later became qualified.

Q: Where and when did the technique originate?

A: A guy called Tom Bowen started it in Geelong about 50 years ago. He was treating 13,000 patients a year they used to queue up. It's worldwide now, but in Newcastle it's hardly even known.

Q: What's the principle behind it?

A: You move your thumb over particular muscles, very gently, which triggers a signal to the brain.  It's almost like rebooting a computer. It works  on knees and ankles, definitely sports injuries if someone sprains their ankle or pulls a hamstring on a football field, if you can get to them within two minutes they can go back on, pain free.

Q: Are people sceptical about such claims?

A: They are. But the brain knows there's an injury and it creates swelling to protect the injury. If you can tell the brain thethere's no further danger then it can release the muscle. My son-in-law's a pharmacist and he had a bad back, went to everybody before he came to me his pain has gone. If someone's having an anxiety attack you do two moves on the upper back. I treat quite a lot of cops for depression.

Q: My wife had a sprained ankle and you treated her outside a supermarket. Do you do this often?

A: Yes, I go up to people in supermarkets, or at football matches sometimes. I help pregnant women with back aches and stuff like that. I was doing it free for a long time now I charge for subsequent visits.

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